How I survived travelling to Movie World and back in one day

Has it been a while since you’ve been on a roller coaster? Or do you just want to take a small break from the cold of winter? I can definitely tell you that Movie World is where it’s at, with their latest roller coaster DC Rivals opening late last year.

The main reason why we took this trip. Look at that drop! Image: Joevina Hufana

Personally, there were a few reasons why I wanted to do this. One, my Village Roadshow passe was about to expire. Two, I wanted to try DC Rivals which I’ve been psyching myself up for almost a year. Three, we didn’t want to stay overnight to get charged extra accommodation fees.

Here are the steps that my partner and I took to get this adventure day all planned.


The first thing I did was to go on the Jetstar website and see the earliest and latest flights to Coolangatta. Altogether the return flights cost us around $350. Now I found this to be reasonable because of how close the departure date was, but you can always shop around for your airline preference. I chose Jetstar because I’ve never personally had an issue with them.


Set an alarm! This is crucial when you’re catching the 6:10 am flight to Gold Coast. I like to make a schedule of what is going to happen on that day such as what time we’ll arrive at the airport, how long will it take to drive to the theme park and back, and when should we arrive back at the airport? I mean, you wouldn’t want to miss either flights.


Only bring the necessities with you. This includes your wallet, phone, and a change of clothes for the different temperatures. Here’s a tip, you can always bring an empty bottle handy for you to refill at the terminal. This could save you a few dollars that you don’t need to spend.


I took this quick pic flying over the central NSW coast before taking a quick nap. Image: Joevina Hufana

Car hire:

Probably the most convenient way to travel for a one day trip. Before deciding this I looked at the alternatives which included around $60 for an Uber ride to the theme park one way or a shuttle bus but that would have cost us longer waiting times. It cost us $50 to hire the car for the day which is worth its value, but make sure you fill up before returning it!

Roadtrip to Movie World! Image: Joevina Hufana

Buying lunch/snacks before you go:

This was probably the most convenient way for us to save money. We bought crackers, mandarins, two bottles of water & three pizza loaves for under $10 at Coles. If we had bought lunch and drinks at the park, that would have cost us a cool $40 that we didn’t want to spend.


Until next time Movie World! Image: Joevina Hufana

The whole day flew by so fast from when we landed to when we started driving back to the car hire and back to the airport. The highlight was definitely the roller coasters hands down but overall, being able to be smart with our time and money was pretty rewarding as well.